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Industrial Noise Control

Backed by solid experience and with cutting edge instruments at its disposal, Decibel Consultants Inc. offers a complete range of services in the areas of noise level measurement, noise source identification and noise level control. Decibel Consultants also manages—from start to finish—the implementation of corrective measures which aim to reduce noise levels in the industrial workplace.

Problem Analysis

Measuring the facility's conformity to the standards in place and analyzing the workers' daily exposure to noise allows us to determine with precision the workplace's noise profile.

Causes of High Noise Levels

Decibel's experienced technical personnel, made up of qualified technicians and engineers, are able to identify the major sources of noise. Using sophisticated measurement tools, our technical personnel, knowledgeable in the demands of the industrial workplace, are able to calculate the individual contribution of each noise source to the general level which has been measured.

Noise and Vibration Control Methods

Once the noise sources have been identified, our engineers proceed to the identification and selection of corrective measures which can be undertaken to reduce the noise to the level desired. Calculations which aim to estimate the cost of material purchase and installation can be presented within a customized program of noise control. In addition to evaluating the related costs, these analyses include noise reduction efficiency calculations and the validation of the results once the corrective work has been completed.

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